Knorr mobilizes worldwide gaming community in the fight for veggie equality

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From an early age, we learn that becoming big and strong starts with eating your vegetables. Broccoli, carrots, and cabbage restore your hit points in real life and give you the stat boosts you need. Remarkably, this logic disappears when you pick up a controller. Together with the gaming community, Knorr wants to change this. It's time to give vegetables the boost they deserve. It's time to #ModTheVeg.

This is sorely needed, as vegetables get a bad rap in almost all major games. The specialists at The Invaders Gaming Intelligence discovered that in games like Minecraft, Fortnite, Skyrim, and many others, it's better to put meat on the in-game menu than vegetables. This skewed ratio bothers us as gamers. Vegetables give you a boost in real life, so it's unfair and illogical that they are at the bottom of the food chain in games. This also paints a wrong picture of reality.

Knorr is going to #ModTheVeg all around the world

This insight resonates with many Unilever food brands, but together we concluded that Knorr is the best brand to give in-game vegetables a boost. Why? Because this is also quite literally what Knorr does in real life: they supercharge vegetables. Not just locally, but around the entire world. Knorr embraced our insight, and together with MullenLowe, Weber Shandwick and Mindshare, this idea was then elevated to become #ModTheveg. A global campaign to mobilize the entire gaming community and fight together for veggie equality.

If you want to put veggie equality on the radar of gamers, you need to create something they love. You need to give them something that is worth their time. A gaming campaign should therefore always improve the experience of players. To achieve this, The Invaders called upon those who are specialized in improving games: modders. By collaborating with the best modders around the world, we created mods for famous games that add a healthy layer of fun to existing experiences. All these mods have one thing in common: they #ModTheVeg.

Eating your veggies has never been so much fun

This means that the soils of Minecraft can be used to plant new vegetables, and players can use them to make their very own stock cubes and special veggie armor; Fortnite enthusiasts are challenged to complete the first-ever plant-based only up challenge; and in Skyrim vegetables will literally pick up a sword and shield to become an ally in battle. For the first time, players will remove meat from their inventory and race toward veggies, because they provide the best boosts. Just like in real life.

Watch the herofilm:

Gamers all over the world can jump into Fortnite and Minecraft to enjoy these mods and boost their favorite games with supercharged veggies. However, these and all the other mods can also be enjoyed through another important part of the gaming community: streamers. Leading the charge in this fight for veggie equality is one of the biggest global streamers on Twitch: Ninja. He kicked off the campaign by taking on the Knorr only up challenge in Fortnite. Watch the stream here.

In Ninja’s wake, other local Twitch heroes from Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, South Africa, Germany, and the Netherlands will follow his example, jump into the mods and show how much fun eating vegetables can be.

Bring the community together and make a change

#ModTheVeg brings the entire gaming community together. To have lots of fun, but also to make a change and fight for veggie equality. By improving well-known games with amazing mods, we can address veggie equality in games and unite gamers. Not just by letting them play and watch the modes, but also through a petition calling on gaming publishers to make vegetables as exciting and rewarding as other foods in their games.

For more information on the petition, instructions on how to play the mods, and to find out which streamers are going to #ModTheVeg, visit

Special thanks to Unilever, MullenLowe Global, Mindshare , Weber Shandwick Niek de Rooij, Nicky Neerscholten, Lisa Winter, Sebastiaan Jansen, Amanpreet Singh, Valerie Morfitis Frank Haresnape, Nicolás Tropeano , Czarina Manalo, Inês Ramalho, Matteo Rizzi, Nicole Van Der Burgh, Tessa Tamin, Esther Crum, Saskia de Jong, Nina Onkenhout and Frederieke Koopman.

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