Getting to know your Fortnite audience just got better


New branded worlds are popping up in Fortnite every day and they are sprawling with players. This is a promising start, but are players experiencing the world as you intended? And do they interact with your brand? That’s valuable data you want to retrieve, and thanks to Epic that has become a lot easier.

Gaining insights into player behavior within Fortnite isn't new. By using the so-called ‘Accolades device’ creators could already gain insight into player behavior. The system proved useful, but came with certain drawbacks. Although these were not deal breakers, there was still room for a better tool to observe behavior in your world. And Epic had delivered.

Are players interacting with your brand? The Analytics device helps you find out

Last week Epic introduced the Analytics device to the Unreal Editor For Fortnite (UEFN). Creators can use this device to register certain player actions. For example, interacting with a (branded) object, stepping on a trigger, eliminating an enemy, or pressing a button. Players are unaware of this device or what they trigger, so it doesn't affect their experience. What it does do, is provide you with valuable information.

Most of this can also be done with the already existing Accolades device, but the new tool is easier to use and more extensive.  For example, they don’t rely on calibration, which makes them faster and easier to use. Another significant difference is how many you can use and their cost. The Analytics device can be placed up to 50 times per island. This is 20 more than the accolade device. They are also more memory efficient. This means you can now collect even more data on player behavior, without any drawback.

Want to learn more about the Analytics device? Check out the Epic developers website.

With the introduction of the Analytics device, Epic is giving creators more tools to learn from their audience and improve their worlds. They can find out where players are getting stuck or lose interest in the experience. This information is vital for creators, but also for brands who want to improve their in-game presence.

Improve your brand in Fortnite

Merely being present in Fortnite is no longer enough to be successful. The battle for the players' time spent in-game has never been this fierce. Therefore, as a brand, you need to offer a top-tier experience to stand out. You need to understand your audience and stay eager to learn. In order to do so you need data. Epic is giving you the tools and it’s up to you to use them.

If your brand is active in Fortnite or has plans to enter this realm, ensure you utilize all these available tools. Not only to see how many players interact with your branded objects or areas, but also to enhance their experience. Want to know how? get in touch.

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